Alexa Skills

Animal Parade

717ycg2a5zlIt seems everyone wants to hear a good animal sound.  But all the skills on Alexa seem to have only a handful of sounds.

So, we wrote the Animal Parade skill with over 1000 high-quality animal sounds and images!

We just love how versatile this skill is!   It works beautifully with ANY Alexa Echo device.  If you have a basic Alexa, you get amazing, high quality animal sounds.. 1000 of them, actually!

If you have an Alexa Show or Echo Spot, we complement the sounds with over 2000 amazingly high-quality images to go with the sounds.  They are truly stunning images!

You can say an animal name to hear one of its sounds.  Say the same name over and over to hear different renditions of the sounds.  Some are only a few seconds long and some are even over a minute long!

Say Random to hear a random sound, or press any of your Echo Buttons to hear a new sound.

Turn on Loop Mode or Slideshow to hear and/or see a continuous flow of amazing animal sounds.  We even say a general name of the animal sound, if you have someone young using the skill who wants to learn the names of the animals.

We are very proud of adding a skill with REAL HIGH QUALITY content to Alexa!

We loved it so much, that we entered it in Amazon’s Multimodal Contest!  (We didn’t win, but it sure was fun!)



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