Alexa Skills

Web Cams

61c9teotfolWith literally millions of web cams out there, we thought it might be nice to show them on the Alexa Display Devices, such as Echo Show and Echo Spot.

So, we wrote Web Cams, which currently has over 12,000 cams!

We found that there are already really nice web cam skills which show live cams, but they are very limited and only offer a handful of cams.  We wanted something with THOUSANDS of cams.  To do this, we had to compromise and not offer live/streaming cams, but instead use screen shots within the past hour (in most cases).

This works well, because people really want to look at many different places “right now” (within the past 60 minutes), rather than stare at a single location trying to figure out all the little details there.

So, we combed the Internet for all the public web cams we could find and integrated them all into a single skill.

We added the ability to have your favorite camera, which will appear as soon as you open the skill.  You can also leave your favorite cam open on the screen and we will poll it every few minutes and when an update is available, it will show automatically.

In addition, you can ask for a random camera or if you have Echo Buttons, which we just love, you can press one to show a new random camera.  With 12,000 of them, you can spend hours!

Or, just say Slide Show, an we will pull a new random cam every few minutes.  It’s so enjoyable seeing them all!

Each time you see a cam, the skill tells where it is and how many minutes ago it was last updated.  Enjoy!


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