Need a Custom Alexa Skill for YOUR Business?

With over 30 high quality Alexa skills under our belt, we now rank on the top 1% of all Alexa Skill designers. In addition, our development team has over 1 million lines of code of experience in the consumer retail, insurance, and online services vertical markets over the past 40 years. Take advantage of our… Continue reading Need a Custom Alexa Skill for YOUR Business?

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Solve The Game™

Check out the Quick Start Tutorial Video Or read our Voice Game Developers Guide Solve The Game™ is the most technologically advanced and unique Alexa Skill ever made!  It not only combines a highly advanced voice-game engine (as used in The Case at Tinker Pond) but provides a highly-powerful, yet simple-to-use web interface allowing ANYONE… Continue reading Solve The Game™

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Certified Alexa Developer!

Amazon's new Alexa Skill Builder certification was released in January.  We immediately signed up for the test and today received the results!  We are now an Amazon Certified Alexa Developer firm! The test was actually incredibly difficult and dealt with more more real-life scenarios than theoretical ones.  We were pleased to see this approach taken… Continue reading Certified Alexa Developer!

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Data Hub

Are you a Raspberry Pi or Arduino enthusiast? Do you love building your own projects and IoT experiments? Love using sensors in your projects and wish there were a way you could TALK with them, instead of being limited to your phone or computer? Wish you could use Alexa to talk with them, but don't… Continue reading Data Hub