Alexa Skills

Olympic Trainer!

711nhcqx5zlLooking for a FUN way to exercise at home?

Olympic Trainer is the Amazon Alexa Skill for you!

We created this skill to make it FUN to work out because it has 3 VERY UNIQUE personalities:

  • It can be your Friend, who is very kind and supportive,
  • It can be your Cheerleader, who is super bouncy and upbeat, or
  • It can be your Drill Sargent, who is bossy and demanding

Try all three.  You can even switch personalities during a workout!

The skill starts at level 1 and will automatically increase you as you proceed.  You can specify your level, from 1 to 10, anytime, even changing it during a workout!

The other thing we found about exercise skills is that often the designer of the skill has things in mind for you that you don’t want to do (or can’t do).  We added an incredibly extensive routine customization ability to this skill.  For just 99 cents (80 cents for Prime Members), you can create up to 10 of your own routines.  Each routine can have an unlimited number of steps.  And you do all this through your voice!

You just add a new routine and name it.  Then you add steps to it.  Each step has a name, the maximum number of repetitions an expert would do, and how long each repetition would take an expert to complete.  Then, you can add more steps, edit your steps, or even re-order your steps.  You can also list them all.  When you exit and come it, the skill remembers all your own custom routines.

If you’re using an Alexa Screen device, such as Echo Show or Echo Spot, the skill shows the words on the screen, too.

If you’re using the Amazon Echo Buttons, you can just press one to register it anytime.  Then when you’ve finished an item, just press the button to advance to the next step in your routine.  If your exercise item requires you to travel some distance, you can use 2 buttons, placing them on opposite sides of the room.  Then press the button when you get there!

We’re incredibly pleased with this skill , especially the customization ability, which took 100s of hours of programming to implement.

Please let us know what you think of it!?


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