Alexa Skills

Animal Mix-Up!

61zfrrep7plLooking for a really cool new Alexa Skill for your Echo Show or Echo Spot?

Want something your preschool or young child will enjoy?

Check out our new Animal Mix-Up Alexa Skill!  It takes common animals and allows you to mix up their heads, bodies, and feet.

You can say Head to get a random head.  Or you can say something like Dog Head to see a dog’s head.  If you say an animal name it shows that animal.  If you say Random, it gives you an entirely random head, body, and feet!

Best of all, it tries to pronounce the NAME of the new animal you just created!

We’re proud to offer a quality voice skill which complements with seeing the actual animal (or mixed up animal) on the Alexa Screen device.

Give it a try today and let us know what you think!

ps – technically speaking, this was a tricky skill because you can’t draw graphics on these devices.  In order to get processing speed at the time the user was interacting with the skill, we had to pre-process all 4096 combinations of animal parts and save the images.  This was, when the combined animal is requested, we just pull that image and display it on the device.  By adding a fun “switching” sound (which is actually silverware clanking) your mind thinks that part is actually changing.  Enjoy!!


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