Alexa Skills

Something BIG…

You may have noticed that we haven't released many new skills this year.  This isn't due to lack of interest or effort.  Quite the contrary! We're building something BIG!  GIGANTIC!  In fact, we believe this WILL BE the biggest skill on Amazon THIS YEAR!! We'll let you know as soon as its available, when we… Continue reading Something BIG…

Alexa Skills

Survey America!

Ever wanted to ask a question to ALL of America?  Curious what the "Survey Says" about something?  Want to see how people view something? Check our newest Amazon Alexa Skill, Survey America! You can answer the existing surveys in the skill, which are growing quite quickly already!  Or, you can create a new survey.  All… Continue reading Survey America!

Alexa Skills

Neighborhood Watch & Town Talk

Having really enjoyed the idea of connecting people everywhere using an Alexa Skill, we thought we would expand it to the idea of real-time communication between people in a local area. Neighborhood Watch and Town Talk are two skills we wrote, which both connect people real-time in their local communities! Neighborhood Watch allows you to… Continue reading Neighborhood Watch & Town Talk