Need a Custom Alexa Skill for YOUR Business?

With over 30 high quality Alexa skills under our belt, we now rank on the top 1% of all Alexa Skill designers. In addition, our development team has over 1 million lines of code of experience in the consumer retail, insurance, and online services vertical markets over the past 40 years.

Take advantage of our vast Alexa and programming experience to make you your very own custom Alexa skill today!

We can effectively and easily integrate all areas of data into your skill, including real-time live feeds from your existing infrastructure and data warehouses. Our interaction models can allow your existing and prospective customers to literally talk with you in whatever way you like! You might just want to ensure you have a simple Alexa presence so you don’t fall behind your competition. Or, you may want something with real verbal logic, dynamic responses, and data leverage.

Whichever you want, we will build a custom Alexa skill for you. We aren’t a cookie cutter operation. We will meet with you to discuss your exact objects, while educating you on the possible options. Then we’ll brainstorm and engineer a design, sending you detailed specifications. We can make any revisions you like ‘on paper’ first, saving you expensive re-building time later. Finally, we’ll build the exact Alexa skill you desire! Then, we can continue with an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure that upcoming technological advances don’t leave your skill ‘broken’.

To learn more or schedule a no-pressure, no-commitment brainstorm consultation call, just send us your details at our Contact Page.


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