Alexa Skills, Voice Software

Solve The Game™

Solve The Game™ is the most technologically advanced and uniqueAPP_ICONM18JDN5A Alexa Skill ever made!  It not only combines a highly advanced voice-game engine (as used in The Case at Tinker Pond) but provides a highly-powerful, yet simple-to-use web interface allowing ANYONE to build their own voice game with a few clicks!

Within 10 minutes you can get your own full-feature voice game running.  In 1-hour, it can be a highly functional escape-room game, and in 1-day it can be more robust and powerful than any other voice game  in the entire industry.  This is all accomplished with our cutting-edge Solve The Game™ Game-Engine and Voice Game Developer Console.

This is the first full-featured voice game in the world where the player is also the game developer!  We take something that used to be hard to do and make it easy because there’s no programming languages to learn, software to buy, or servers to maintain!

Each game developer can decide entirely how they want to build their own games, from a basic adventure game, to an escape-the-room-style game, or maybe even a virtual landscape, a murder-mystery, or even an intelligent robot-type of interaction.  All this is under the developers’ control through the Voice Game Developer Console at

With thousands of hours of intense programming, we’re so incredibly proud of this new Alexa Skill!!

But you can check out our Quick Start Tutorial Video and our Voice Game Developers Guide today to see exactly how it will all work!

Excited to see what YOU’RE going to build!!


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