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The Case at Tinker Pond!

61mz0rppsylBack on April 2, we mentioned that we’ve been working on something BIG!!  It’s here!

The Case at Tinker Pond is our newest, biggest, and best skill ever!

We spent over 1100 hours creating this new skill, because we know that voice games are the next big market and that, while there are some good ones out there, there aren’t any great ones, until now!

The Case at Tinker Pond is a mystery game, which is sort of a combination of choose-your-own-adventure, escape room, and mystery detective!  You can move around, pick up and use objects, and even talk with people in the game! But be careful because sometimes things have hidden meanings or you might have to ask twice to find the true answer! Not everything is as it seems! Sometimes a clue you got early on will be critical later! Ask for help any time to learn more. Some parts are easy and obvious and others will require some serious thinking! The game remembers where you left off, so you can take a break any time. CAN YOU DO IT? CAN YOU SOLVE IT?

If you really get stuck, the premium version provides you with your very own Detective Partner, who is there every step along the way with hints, clues, guidance and support.

This skill is like version 2.0 of traditional story-telling! Our goal was to make the BEST Voice-game ever, and we feel we have succeeded.

Disclaimer: No characters, locations, or objects in the game are real. Everything is imaginary. Any resemblance to an actual person, location, or object is simply coincidental.


ps – The case at tinker pone is only part 1..  part 2 of this monumental project is coming soon!…..



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