Alexa Skills

Certified Alexa Developer!

Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axdAmazon’s new Alexa Skill Builder certification was released in January.  We immediately signed up for the test and today received the results!  We are now an Amazon Certified Alexa Developer firm!

The test was actually incredibly difficult and dealt with more more real-life scenarios than theoretical ones.  We were pleased to see this approach taken by Amazon.  In addition, we found the breadth of knowledge which was tested also reassuring.  Of course there were the expected super-detailed questions, too.  Overall, we feel this certification is very meaningful due to the high quality exam standards.

We’ve been getting approx 1 contact a week looking to buy our skills, collaborate on skills, or hire us to build custom skills.  Thus far, we have declined all these offers, as we are investing all our energy on our big project, we we hope to announce right around May 1!  After that goes live, we may consider some of these other advances – Thanks for contacting us.  Keep ’em coming!



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