Alexa Skills

Survey America!

71nqqhdyjglEver wanted to ask a question to ALL of America?  Curious what the “Survey Says” about something?  Want to see how people view something?

Check our newest Amazon Alexa Skill, Survey America!

You can answer the existing surveys in the skill, which are growing quite quickly already!  Or, you can create a new survey.  All is done with your voice!

Answering surveys is easy… Just say Take a Survey.  Just listen to the question and choose one of the answers.  The skill is designed to give you a random survey.  But if you’ve already answered the one it chose for you, it will then work backwards with the newest unanswered one first.  As soon as you answer, the skill tells you the national results of that question, too, which is quite fun.  We designed the skill to jump right into the next survey as soon as you answer, too, which keeps it fun, exciting, and flowing.

If you want to add a survey, just say Add a Survey.  Then you can specify the question and all possible answers that America can choose from.  We made the skill confirm each step along the way, so you don’t get to the end and find out Alexa mis-heard you on the first step.  Then, we give one last final confirmation at the end, for the entire survey, just to be 100% certain you intended on adding it.

We were quite concerned about swear words getting included, so we added some extensive filtering into the survey question and possible answers.  Rather than tell you it found a bad word, it just prompts you again, as though it didn’t understand you.

The skill keeps track of all the answers anonymously, giving only aggregate totals.  However, remembers the date/time that you last used the skill and knows when someone has answered on of your surveys after that!  When you go back into the skill, it will politely tell you how many of your surveys have been answered by someone since you last used the skill.  Then you can say My Surveys to hear your results, starting with tethe newly answered ones first.

Also, we had a request from a beta-tester to include the most popular surveys, so you can also say Most Popular to hear the results from the most popular surveys across America.

We feel this skill will be very engaging (we’re already hooked on it!) because it’s so fun so see what people answered for the questions you made up, AND it’s fun to answer other people’s questions and see what they want to know.

We were initially going to limit users to being able to add only one survey a day, then offer a subscription allowing you to add unlimited surveys each day for 99 cents/mo.  But at this point, we decided not to, so that people could get used to and enjoy the skill.  Perhaps later, we’ll add some extra features/benefits for which we can justify either a monthly subscription or a one-time upgrade.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think of it..  We’d love to hear from you!



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