Alexa Skills

Neighborhood Watch & Town Talk

51swy5i92tl71u0v6plislHaving really enjoyed the idea of connecting people everywhere using an Alexa Skill, we thought we would expand it to the idea of real-time communication between people in a local area.

Neighborhood Watch and Town Talk are two skills we wrote, which both connect people real-time in their local communities!

Neighborhood Watch allows you to post urgent events for others in your neighborhood.  As soon as someone else enters the skill in the same area, they will get the notices immediately.  Here are some examples:

– See something suspicious?
– Find a lost animal?
– Want to mention an upcoming community news event?
– A strange car keeps coming around the neighborhood.
– A tree fell across a certain road
– Lost dog!

Town Talk allow you to post urgent notices, as well as informational updates, needs, and even questions.  Others can hear these when they enter the skill. Here are some examples:

– Tag sales
– Community events
– Town meetings
– Traffic information
– Construction/detour updates
– Local PTA/Town Government meeting notices
– Updates regarding shared community resources (pools, lakes, game fields, etc)

We envision town halls using this as a method to communicate town residents.  Soon, amazon will allow event notification ability and we can have the skill alert you (without you having to even open the skill) as soon as your town hall, school, or local police has some important information for you!


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