Alexa Skills

Button Recorder!

51jt1saguylWe were looking for a useful yet fun way to use our new Amazon Echo Buttons.  There are a handful of games for them, but they get old fast.

So we made the Button Recorder Amazon Alexa Skill!

It allows you to use each button as a trigger for recording and playing back a custom message.  You just open the skill.  If you’ve previously “recorded” something into the buttons, it remembers this, so you just press a button and Alexa says what you recorded!

If you want to record something new, just hold down the button for a few seconds.  The light turns red and you can speak your recording.  Then to hear it, just press the button again!

It’s so simple, yet powerful.  We thought a fun use for it was as a prank when your friends or family come by, to have Alexa say a specific phrase to each person, as though she “knew” who the person was!  Like a mind-reader!

We envisioned people using it for things like “Good Job” or “Yes”.  But we are most surprised to hear of other ways people are using it!  Some people say “get me a beer” or “you’re the best kid in the world”.  But the most interesting was one where it says “Dry Diaper Please” and their baby crawls to the button and pressed it EVERY TIME needs his diaper changed.

The free version allows the use of one button.  For 99 cents (80 cents for Prime Members), you can use up to 4 buttons with the skill!

Let us know what you use Button Recorder for?!


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