Voice Software

The new generation of software.. Voice!

Voice is the New Generation…

Remember back when console went to graphical (Graphical User Interface — GUI)?

…or when desktop applications were a thing of the past and everything pertinent was on the web?

…or when it stopped being amazing, but rather an essential course of business, to do everything on your cell phone?

Well, the next generation is voice.  It is ubiquitous, easy, and natural.  Everyone speaks.  Everyone listens.  Going to a computer, device, or phone is so “the old generation.”  It’s the natural way to communicate.  And, its naturally collaborative — you don’t have to hold your phone up to show someone something!

It’s here today.  However, it seems nobody is really using it!  It’s like back when the Internet was taking off and nobody believed it would be the foundation for everything we do in our daily lives.

Voice Software is the next generation.  Before long, our children will ask us, in all seriousness, “Did you really press a bunch of buttons on a board to talk to a computer?”

Voice Data Soft is a world leader in voice software. Established in 2007, we build applications which interact with users via voice. We have experience in the call center, consumer retail, online scheduling, task management, and Amazon® Alexa® vertical markets.

Voice Data Soft is an industry leader in bringing your existing software, applications, systems, processes, and communication channels into the new VOICE GENERATION!


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